we are sonitus


Based out of East London, England. We are a collective culture pot of individuals that have come together to form one entity 'Sonitus'.


Vocals / Russell Balogun
Vocals, Guitar/ Dein Moore
Guitar / Nathan Chan
Drums / Romulo Heredia

Bass/ Scott Bacon



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"My personal favourite is “Predators,” a slow, restrained ballad, with the makings of a really beautiful story."

Clash Magazine:

"Sonïtus are a group of North London musicians, whose complex, intricate music casts rock in a new light. Highly creative, their fluid, amorphous live shows have made them cult favourites."


Gig SlutZ:

"Its a politically charged sonic delight. Truly amazing to witness a band on the bleeding edge of modern rock, bravo!"


Aural Aggression:

The seven tracks on Kleptocracy showcase the band’s immense range, often within a single track. Opener ‘Alleviate’ begins quiet, lilting, an amalgamation of folk and prog with a distinctly mainland European flavour, before rupturing into a surging alt-rock climax.

Kleptocracy (Final).jpg
Kleptocracy (Final).jpg